“Simonne Jameson is a brilliant practitioner who has a unique healing influence that surpasses any standard approaches. Her contribution has had an enormous healing impact on hundreds of people whom she has helped through the darkest and most traumatic experiences of their lives. 

Simonne exudes youthful energy and an enthusiasm that she so generously pours into all her work. She has a profound impact on all people she meets, or who meet her, irrespectively of their age or  line of work. Her brilliant personality, her joy of life and zest for life, her enormous charisma, all have transforming impact on people. 

She is also a most inspiring example of the strength of human spirit. She is a living messenger of the victory of forgiveness and compassion for fellow human beings. 

She inspires people  just by being herself and her enormous optimism, compassionate attitude, capacity to forgive the most inhumane treatment she went through during the war, and making her life a dedication to betterment of the lives of ‘those who have no voice’ the oppressed and the abused women and children.”
Member of Theosophical Society,
Melbourne, Australia 

“It is rare in life to meet a person with a capacity for forgiveness that outstrips anything that can be imagined. Dr Simonne Jameson is such a person. More significantly, Simonne has evolved, through her experiences and her education, into a woman whose capacity for forgiveness and whose ideals of peace are truly inspirational.


Simonne has made visits to our school, each time in a different capacity. The students were completely spellbound; ‘The best speaker we have ever had’. 

We would have no hesitation in recommending Dr Jameson as a speaker for senior students in particular; her capacity to bring to life her story of her time in Paris and her willingness to speak in clear and easily understandable French have made her a marvellous contributor to the education of the young people of Wesley College.”
Annette ROME
Head of Senior School,
Wesley College, Glen Waverley, Australia 

“I have known Dr Simonne Jameson since 1976 when, as Head of Paediatrics in the Flinders Medical School and Medical Centre, she was employed as a Clinical Child Psychologist by the South Australian Government Child Psychiatric Service at the Child Guidance Clinic in Adelaide.


Dr. Jameson became associated with my department when a multidisciplinary Child Assessment Team was established to receive referred children from the community with multiple problems. 

Simonne worked very enthusiastically and effectively in their team, frequently seeing children in the evenings and at weekends to meet the very heavy clinical load she carried. She operated in an effective, informed and skilled fashion and her devotion to the families and children she treated was exceptional. 

Since leaving her contact with this hospital Dr Jameson has practiced privately within the same areas of special interest she had when on our staff. Again I believe she has continued to show sincere and genuine interest in, and responsible management of, the families she has treated.”
Emeritus Professor of Paediatrics, Flinders Medical Centre South Australia

“As a counsellor and Psychotherapist, (and member of CAPAV, I found myself in awe of this amazingly intelligent woman, who not only possessed an incredible will to survive but to go on living with a passion for others and a desire to help those in need. Her courage and tenacity have inspired me, and her experiences were captivating. Her credentials and achievements exceed my expectations of any one person. 

I recently attended a lecture, Meeting Dali and Jung, at the Jung Institute in Melbourne conducted by Dr Simonne Jameson. 

The lecture was an experience I am delighted to have been a part of and I look forward to any further workshops or lectures given by Dr Jameson.”
Melbourne, Australia