Childhood and family counselling – Simonne has worked extensively in child guidance clinics in England, Switzerland and Australia.

Mind over Body therapy – a bridge between illness and the psyche that Simonne has applied successfully during two bouts of cancer.

Natural therapies – used alongside traditional therapies.

Counselling – ask Simonne how you too can unlock the meaning of health and depression.

Palliative care –Simonne’s training in the Kubler Ross grief cycle has developed her capacity to work with families, children and women gain peace when facing their own death, or the death of a loved one.

Supervision and Support for Therapists– with her unique knowledge and experience, Simonne offers supervision and support to therapists and counsellors either individually or in group sessions with difficult case resolution.

Mentor Service  –  Simonne offers mentoring services to professionals working in health, well-being, or related services.

Other areas include:

•    Pre- and post-natal depression
•    Children and youth counselling
•    Anger management
•    Eating disorders
•    Addiction
•    Relationship counselling
•    Anxiety
•    Parenting advice
•    Grief and trauma
•    Hypnotherapy 

“I don’t know anyone else who has had such exceptional training, extensive experience, an advance intuitive perception and a deep humanistic approach to working with people. It is impossible not to be touched and inspired by Simonne’s approach to life.”
Former patient