Psychoanalysis with Carl Jung, Kusnacht Switzerland

Psychotherapy with Carl Rogers, San Diego USA

Reitan Psychoneurolog, Seattle USA

Psychodrama with Schtzenberger/Moreno, Paris France

Diploma in Biofeedback, San Diego USA

Kubler-Ross Grief Cycle in Terminal illness, Zurich Switzerland

Simonton Cancer Therapy, Fort Worth, Texas USA

Post Graduate Diploma in Nutritional Medicine, Sydney Australia

Post Graduate Diploma in Orthomolecular Nutrition, Sydney Australia

Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis, Academy Hypnotic Sciences, Melbourne Australia

Degree in Homeopathic Medicine, Brisbane Australia

PhD in Alternative Medicine, Copenhagen Denmark

Alcoholism and Drug Addiction (diploma?), Sharp Institute, San Diego USA

Post Graduate Certificate in Criminology, Melbourne University, Mebourne Australia

Certificate in Mediation, Adelaide Australia

Studies in Palliative care, Adelaide Australia


Educational and Clinical Psychologist, Stoke on Trent, UK

Clinical Psychologist, Mental Health Services, South Australia

Visiting Specialist, Paediatric Department, Finders Medical Centre, South Australia

Child Abuse panel member, Finders Medical Centre, South Australia

Consultant for family court solicitors, South Australia

Lecturer to medical students, Flinders University, South Australia

Lecturer to colleges, Rotary Clubs and associations


Gold Medal: Merite National Français for exceptional services to humanity, 1960, Paris, France.

Nominee Premier Award, Victorian Senior of the Year 2005, Australia.

Nominee Human Rights medal 2005

Nominee Australian of the year Awards 2006

Languages spoken:

French, Italian, Spanish, German, English